Q-Litter | Ierse Setter Queenstone Volgend nest gepland voor 2021.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Next litter planned for 2021 . Queenstone | Irish Setters since 1976



gegevens ouders:

Sire: Red Suits You Audere Est Facere Puppies were born on 30-01-2008

6 bitches and 5 dogs

Dame: Queenstone Handsome Lady
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Red Suits You Audere Est Facere

Withersdale World Wide Web

Withersdale Oh Boy At Shandwick

Withersdale Hi-De-Hi

Wickenberry Clematis

Reddins Casey

Wickenberry Red Rose

Queenstone Handsome Lady


I'm Harvey Van Het Adelaarsvaren

Quinten Of The Chicken Farm

Wickenberry Dutch Gold

Queenstone Elegant Lady

Eireannmada Mustafa

Queenstone Beautiful Lady


fotos geboorte puppies:

new born      


tijdlijn nest:

5,5 weeks

  • bitches


    rood geel oker wit bruin zonder



    blauw bruin rood wit zonder